Paillard Bolex B8SL Vintage 8mm Movie/Cine Film Camera With Yvar 2.5/12.5mm Lens


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Vintage Paillard Bolex B8SL Movie/Cine 8mm Film Camera With Yvar 2.5/12.5mm Lens
Bolex B8SL 8mm Camera from 1959
With Kern Yvar f2.5 12.5mm Lens.
Highly polished duraluminium body, covered in genuine Morocco leather.
Metal parts are chrome-plated.
Speed 18 frames per second.
Side shutter button with integral cable release socket.
This model also has the advantage of an exposure setting guide on the film door for DIN/ASA.
Superb Condition: Good working order. No damage. Minor marks from use.
Camera winds and operates well.  Everything working including the built-in exposure meter.
The lens is superb, clear, with very few dust specs.
Includes an empty metal take-up reel.