Vintage Paillard Bolex B8SL Movie Cine 8mm Film Camera With Yvar 1.9 13mm Lens


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Vintage Paillard Bolex B8SL Movie/Cine 8mm Film Camera With Yvar 1.9/13mm Lens


Bolex B8SL 8mm Camera from 1959.


With Kern Yvar 1.9/13mm Lens with lens hood.


Highly polished duraluminium body, covered in genuine Morocco leather.


Metal parts are chrome-plated.


Single speed 18 frames per second.


Superb Condition: Good working order. No damage. Minor marks from use.


Camera winds and operates well. Everything working except the meter which does not seem to respond.


The lens is superb, clear, with very few dust specs.


Includes a metal lens hood and empty original Bolex metal reel.