SOM VII Colour Correction Filter 50mm dia Paillard Bolex P1, P2, P3 8mm Camera


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SOM VII Colour Correction Filter 50mm diameter for Paillard Bolex P1, P2 or P3 8mm Movie Cameras

Series VII / 7  Diameter 2″ / 50.8mm

SOM VII CC Filter for Paillard Bolex P With SOM Bertiot Lens & Filter Holder Lens Hood

To fit Paillard Bolex P series filter holder and lens hood on 8mm movie cameras.
The two-piece Lens Hood for Bolex P 8mm cameras holds all 50mm dia filters and supplementary lenses.
The filter fits between the screw-on Filter Holder & Lens Hood.


Good Condition. Minor marks from being used which do not affect its use.