Paillard Bolex SOM Berthiot Pan-Cinor 30 L 10-30mm f2.8 D-Mount Zoom Reflex Lens


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Paillard Bolex SOM Berthiot Pan Cinor 30 L (10-30mm f2.8) D-Mount 8mm Zoom Reflex Lens

SOM Berthiot was a French manufacturer of optics and photographic lenses. They produced C and D mount motion picture lenses for professional and amateur use, as well as the Pan-Cinor series of zoom lenses. Paillard was a major distributor for SOM Berthiot lenses and often advertised them alone or in conjunction with other Bolex products.

Introduced in 1958, the Pan-Cinor 30 “Direct View” zoom lens had a built-in zoom lever and adjustable viewfinder. It was available in standard D-mount with a zoom range of 10mm-30mm focal length.

The 30L features through the lens viewing with a zoom range of 10mm to 30mm at f/2.8.

Will fit any 8mm camera (B8, C8, D8, H8) with the D-Mount lens fitting.

Some signs of fungus and dust but the viewfinder is bright and clear. The aperture, focus and zoom movements are very smooth. Aperture blades look clean and in good condition.

Includes: Lens Hood (that will also hold filters), original Instruction Booklet & Depth of Field calculator.

Good condition overall. Minor marks from use.

Last two photos show it mounted on two different cameras.