Paillard Bolex Original H16 Movie Camera 16mm From 1945 In Lovely Condition


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Paillard Bolex Original H-16 16mm Cine / Movie Camera

Paillard Bolex H-16 Serial No: 26451 from 1945


Highly polished duraluminium body, covered in genuine Morocco leather. Metal parts are chrome-plated.
Film Capacity: 100ft (30m) and 50ft (15m) daylight loading spools of 16mm film.
Automatic threading and loop forming. The end of the film is simply placed in a channel leading to the feed sprocket. The release is pressed and the film is then automatically threaded throughout the entire mechanism.
Constant speed, spring motor mechanism; governor controlled. Large winding handle folds downward and attaches to camera when not in use. Spring cannot be over-wound. 8:1 external drive shaft permits the attachment of an electric motor.
Rotating turret accommodates three interchangeable C mount lenses. The top position allows for critical focusing through a magnified groundglass screen.
Tri Focal viewfinder gives an exact viewing field for lenses of 3 focal lengths 15, 25 & 75mm. Can be attached to the side as well as the top position.
Speeds 8, 16, 24, 32 and 64 frames per second
Release Button provides for the making of continuous exposures by a finger-tip release on the front of the camera. A side release allows for locked, hands-free running or single frame exposures.
190 degree disc shutter, operates at 118/1000 of an inch from emulsion side of film with an exposure rate of 1/30 second at 16 fps.
External Frame Counter. This bakelite accessory allows the camera to count individual frames during normal operation, hand cranking or rewinding. It operates by attaching to the motor crank shaft, while two counters record incremental movements of single and 50 frames.
Time lapse and animation is possible by using the side release button or an accessory cable release and adapter; I-T lever allows for timed or instantaneous single exposures.
Clutch disengages spring motor and permits forward movement and backwind without running down the spring; allows for dissolves and superimposition.
Tripod Socket: 1/4″ / 3/8″ threads
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 6″ x 3″
Weight: Approximately 5 1/2 lbs


Good condition. Fully working. Minor marks from use. Remarkably little tarnishing and wear for its age.
The only damage I can find is to the winding handle where it attaches to the parking spike on the base of the camera when not in use. This does not affect the camera operation.
This is a very early classic model, hard to find, especially in this lovely condition.
Not including lenses. Accommodates C-mount lenses.